Logos Pharma

A WHO-GMP Certified Company

Logos Pharma is a technology-driven business supported by R&D and F&D departments, combined with well-equipped laboratories and the industry’s most talented personnel.

The objectives of R&D departments are enhancing the consistency of formulations, developing new formulations, creating newer and novel dosage types, cost reduction. Logos has fully equipped Analytical development lab, Pilot scale plant for technology transfers and state of the art microbiological testing facility. Our facility has technical collaboration with various CRO’s (Clinical Research Organizations) to conduct various BA/BE studies and Clinical trials.

It is not just the latest molecules that we work on at the R&D centre, we are trying to make the current ones stronger. When it comes to patient compliance, improved bioavailability, patient comfort and doctor trust, we focus on simple things that make a world of difference and represent the ground we cover for patients along with our customers.